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Each wine tasting report includes tasting notes from a dozen to hundreds of wines in a given region or appellation. The wines are scored on the 100-point scale. Barrel samples or unreleased wines are given two-point ranges. The wines are tasted in organized blind tastings as well as in wineries, wine shops and other venues.

The tasting notes are searchable on the website in the upper right hand corner of the page.

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Wines To Buy In Thailand: Top Five Italian Wines From INSAF

To taste all the wines featured in this article in Bangkok, click here With Great Wines of Italy...


Wine Guide: Great Wines of the Andes - New York City, 2014 and Zachys were proud to present Great Wine of the Andes on November 18 in New York City. The event...


Wines To Buy In Thailand: Top Five Italian Wines From Gfour Fine Wines

To taste all the wines featured in this article in Bangkok, click here Whoever said buying wine in...


Top 100 Italian Wines of 2014

My Top 100 Italian Wines in 2014 focus heavily on the wonderful 2010 vintage for Barolo, plus plenty of excellent 2011...


Tasting Report: Small is Beautiful in McLaren Vale

I just spent a week in South Australia’s beautiful McLaren Vale wine region filming a series of dinners that ran...


Top 100 Wines of 2014

My colleague Nick Stock and I posted more than 10,000 tasting notes on in the past year; with all the...


Tasting Report: 10 Great Wines at Great Wines of the World

The Great Wines of the World event in Hong Kong from October 30 to November 2, organised by...


Tasting Report: A Bounty of Outstanding Tuscan Wines

I tasted about 1,000 Tuscan wines this year, and there are so many outstanding wines to buy in 2014. The big news will be...


Tasting Report: Chateau d’Issan's Five Best Recent Vintages

Everyone into Bordeaux knows the great names of Margaux, from first-growth Château Margaux to third-growth...


Tasting Report: Five Outstanding Peter Michael Wines

Peter Michael founded his eponymous Sonoma County winery in 1982. His aim was to produce French-style wines...


Tasting Report: 100 Outstanding Sicilian Wines Not To Miss

Sicily released on the market some exciting reds and whites this year, and they are not just from Etna. Sure the volcano...


Tasting Report: A Comprehensive New Zealand Overview

A place full of great people and brimming with great wines that are universally popular, New Zealand is a spectacular...

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