Pierre's Article: A Good Start to 2012 Bordeaux Futures

April 18th, 2013

It was a nice change today from last year's en primeur, or futures, campaign in Bordeaux.

Top chateaux are offering wines to the market earlier and prices are much lower. For example, Mouton Rothschild released this morning its Grand Vin, or first wine, the second wine Le Petit Mouton, and the white wine from the property, Aile d'Argent. The Mouton was down in price 33 percent from 2011, and Petit Mouton cut back 10 percent. 

(Editor's note: The Mouton was released to wine merchants in Bordeaux for about 200 euros a bottle. So futures prices to consumers should be less than US$350 a bottle after various margins with agents, distributors and retailers.)

The releases were really welcomed by the market. One major buyer told me, "What a relief." Demand is strong and it is a welcomed start to the whole thing. From what I hear, the other wines from the owners of Mouton – Armailhac and Clerc Milon – should also be welcomed by the market.

All the wines from the Mouton stable are excellent quality. I tasted them with James a few weeks ago in Bordeaux.

One should give credit to the Mouton team for its "go for it" attitude. Let's hope that more follow.

As I write this blog, Rauzan-Segla has also released at a good price and seems quite successful too!

(Editor's note: It should be less than $70 a bottle.)

Pierre Lawton is a Bordeaux-based wine merchant specializing in top chateaux wines. He is the owner of Alias. His family has been selling wine in Bordeaux since 1739.


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April 19, 2013

Your pricing damages the highly respected importers and retailers. Rauzan-Segla released at 36.5 euru. At today's exchange rate price converts to $47.78 per bottle and that does not include the cost to exchange from dollars to euros or the cost to ship across the Atlantic or any profit for importer or retailer who have to pay for the furures the wines should also be shipped in climate control container to insure quality and that can be assured by using only the most reputable, shipping agent, importer and to guarantee that a device from E-Provenance can register temperature for the entire shipping time. How you end up with a $50 retail is bewildering.


April 20, 2013

You are right. I have made adjustment. I was thinking Euros.

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