Kyle's Video Blog: Philippe Pacalet

June 6, 2014

Kyle's video blog is back after a short break with more fun and insightful interviews with producers from across the globe.

In this video, Kyle interviews Philippe Pacalet, owner and winemaker at Philippe Pacalet wines. Philippe is the nephew of legendary Beaujolais winemaker Marcel Lapierre. After working with his uncle for some time, Philippe went on to become the chief winemaker of Prieuré-Roch in Burgundy.

 The defining feature of Philippe’s winemaking is the practically inexistent manipulation in his winemaking methods. As Philippe himself resumes, “We want the fruit in the barrel.” The vineyards he sources grapes from are also farmed by him; in total he farms about nine hectares in both the Côtes de Nuits and Côtes de Beaune appellations.

Another defining feature of Philippe's methods is whole cluster fermentation, which makes him one of the few to use this technique in Burgundy. Whole cluster fermentation means leaving the stems on the grapes during the fermentation process. What this does in the wine is add tannin structure as well as allows for a slower, more progressive fermentation. It is sometimes a risky practice since it can add green or vegetative character to the wines. However, as Philippe mentions, stems also mature and this is something that needs to be observed during harvest. 

Watch the video to learn about one of the groundbreaking winemakers in Burgundy.



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