Kyle's Video Blog: Top Italian Enologist Luca D'Attoma - Duemani

July 4, 2014

In this new segment of Kyle's Video Blog, Kyle interviews Luca D'Attoma, co-owner and winemaker at Duemani as well as one of the most prestigious consulting enologists in Italy. Luca is responsible for the success of world-class merlots from Tuscany such as Tua Rita and Le Macchiole. However, despite Luca's extraordinary experience with other famed estates, he has his own personal project with his partner Elena Celli in Riparbella, on the coast of Tuscany.

Founded in 2004, Duemani's vineyard is a large amphitheater that faces the Mediterranean Sea. The soils, which are predominantly clay with stones and sodium carbonate, are planted with merlot, cabernet franc, syrah and cabernet sauvignon. The vineyard is divided into sections defined by types of soil and each variety has been planted accordingly with the most complementary type. 

The estate is Demeter certified and Luca has been following biodynamics since Duemani's inception. In this video, he explains what drew him to that property and how many colleagues advised him not too. Despite the contrary advise, Luca settled in, and although it is a challenging vineyard, it also produces formidable and exuberant wines. Luca is an intuitive and creative winemaker, and as Kyle comments, "One of the great wine minds of the world." Watch the video to learn about what he has to say. 



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