“Beautiful yet functional” is how internationally acclaimed wine critic James Suckling describes his new wine glass, a joint creation with France’s most esteemed crystal maker, LALIQUE.

The American has tasted more than 150,000 different wines over his 30 years as a wine taster. He dreamt for decades about creating his own wine glass, and after careful consideration for the ideal Maison to work with, he looked to LALIQUE. It wasn’t long before he and LALIQUE’s talented designer Marc Larminaux came together last autumn, in the firm’s head office in Paris, to design the ideal wine glass - one wine glass that would be wonderful to drink any type of wine - white or red, young or old, first growth or “petit chateau”.

“100 points is a glass that exemplifies the established traditional and style of LALIQUE but embraces a modern design and precise utility,” says Marc Larminaux. LALIQUE, which was established by René Lalique over 100 years ago, has a long tradition for making wine glasses beginning with ranges such as “Barsac” and “Beaune”, popular in the 1930s and 1940s.

However, it has never produced a hand-made glass specifically for wine tasting and with a design created more than just its aesthetic. The “LALIQUE & JAMES SUCKLING 100 points Wine Glass” is a revolutionary addition to its stemware range. “I grew up in Los Angeles and my parents and grandparents had LALIQUE at home, and it was always considered the benchmark for beautiful crystal in my family,” says James Suckling, who worked almost 30 years for the American wine magazine “The Wine Spectator” before starting his own wine tasting and video website www.jamessuckling. com. He is also the wine editor for a group of Asian luxury magazines including Hong Kong Tatler, Macau Tatler, and Singapore Tatler.

The classically formed crystal glass with a medium, “U” shaped bowl and distinctive frosted rib stem is heavier than most other wine glasses on the market. It’s a substantial piece of stemware in anybody’s hand.

“My dream of one amazing wine glass for all occasions is realized,” he says. “Just holding the glass with its sensual stem and beautiful feel takes wine drinking to a different level.”

- The Lalique & James Suckling 100 Points Wine Glass Brochure

Email for orders (please include shipping city/country and quantity requested). Pricing: $140 USD - North America; €100 EUR - Europe; HK$1,100 - Asia/Hong Kong


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