Napa Valley: The Concept of Bond Estates

May 22, 2014

Since the mid-1980s, Harlan Estate had been buying grapes from about 60 producers spread through Napa Valley. Throughout the years, winemaker Bob Levy and owner Bill Harlan slowly selected five of these vineyards -- Pluribus, Quella, Melbury, St. Eden and Vecina -- after realizing that “certain properties naturally rose above, in quality, of other properties, year in, year out.”

Each of the vineyards were chosen based on the combination of the exposure, the elevation and the soil composition in order to make a wine that truly conveys an expression of the site. Bond, being Burgundian in concept, also successfully tries to communicate the capacity of cabernet sauvignon in translating the tipicity of the site, as some varieties can be more opaque with transmitting the qualities of a vineyard.

Watch the video to learn more about Bond from both Harlan and Bond's chief winemaker Bob Levy.

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